10 Year White Balsamic Vinegar by Acetaia Leonardi- 100ml


This 10 year White Balsamic Vinegar is made by the family-run Acetaia Leonardi. It is exclusively Trebbiano grapes and aged 10 years in oak barrels. Pleasantly fruity and leaning more sweet than acidic, 10 year White Balsamic vinegar is a special product deserving of a place on special-occasion salads, drizzled over cheese, and even served over your fruit or ice cream for dessert.

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This is a brand new product expanding the line of White Balsamic Vinegars we import from family-run Acetaia Leonardi. 10 year White Balsamic vinegar is 100% Balsamic Vinegar made from Trebbiano grapes that has been aged in oak barrels for 10 years. It is great with salads, cheese, fruit and ice cream.

Our Tips & Recipes

Elevate your cooking and bring Italy into the kitchen with this product.

Italian style chicken pasta salad

This pasta salad is the perfect side dish for your summer BBQ. It adds an Italian touch to a classic American dish!

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Caponata makes for the perfect dip or side dish. It's completely worth the time and effort required!

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Zucchini with white balsamic vinegar and mint

Cooking your zucchini with REALE White Balsamic Vinegar rather than wine vinegar takes the recipe to a new culinary level-- trust us!

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