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Thank you for reviewing our sale items. Most of them are either beyond “best by” date or will be soon. Most of the items are balsamic vinegar. We can assure you that these items are STILL perfect to consume. The European Union requires the “best by” dates on all food products. Balsamic Vinegar is Vinegar. Vinegar is made from grapes that have fermented and turned to vinegar. In fact, Balsamic Vinegar improves with age. So the Balsamic Vinegar products that are past their “best by” dates are typically thicker and sweeter than they were when they were bottled. This is an opportunity to try our Balsamic Glazes, Pearls and other products made with Balsamic Vinegar at a substantial savings.


For the Extra Virgin Olive Oils that are in our sale section, they are some of the highest quality EVOOs produced and they are great for more than a year after the “best by” date.

And remember, if you buy any product from us and you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund 100% of the cost of the item.

Thank you for your business



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