Red Wine Vinegar by Acetaia Leonardi (250ml)


Acetaia Leonardi's REALE Red Wine Vinegar actually tastes like wine, a sure sign of its high quality. A bit more tangy than white wine vinegar, this French favorite brightens up soups and sauces. Serve it with French fries, or try your hand at pickling red onions, green beans or 'drunken' tomatoes. Red Wine Vinegar comes in a 250ml bottle.

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While wine is used in both Wine and Balsamic Vinegar production, the end product is not necessarily interchangeable and each has its own unique flavor profile and personality.  The aging and fermentation process in making Wine Vinegar is typically much shorter than in traditional Balsamic assembly and does not include the addition of grape ‘must’. The result renders a Vinegar that has a lower viscosity and is less sweet, with a more dominant tang and forward acidity. REALE’s expression of this French favorite, crafted by the Leonardi family, actually tastes like wine!  This is a sure tell of its level of quality!

Red Wine Vinegar is classically used in vinaigrettes and marinades.  Add a dash to brighten soups and sauces, or make a delicious Agrodolce!  We enjoy REALE Red Wine Vinegar over pomme frites, in the place of malt vinegar.  Finally, it is the perfect base for pickling… try red onions, green beans or ‘drunken’ tomatoes for additions to your plate!