Truffle Balsamic Glaze by Acetaia Leonardi


REALE's Truffle Crema di Balsamico is one of our 24 variations of velvety Balsamic Glaze, made from 3-year 100% Balsamic Vinegar by the Leonardi family. Truffle Balsamic Glaze weighs on the savory side of the flavor spectrum, and it's delicious added to pasta, risotto, gnocchi and pizza. The glaze adds just enough of that unique, subtle truffle aroma. Unmistakable and sure to impress! The squeeze bottle gives you perfect plating control.

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In Acetaia Leonardi's REALE line of elegant Crema di Balsamico Balsamic Glazes, 3-year aged 100% Balsamic Vinegar is cooked down and thickened into a smooth liquid velvet. The result is a rich and full-bodied glaze with the perfect consistency for added plate appeal.  The squeeze bottle is ideal for finishing.  Balance savory sweetness with soft tang and add depth and character to everyday dishes. 

Glazes are available in 24 flavors, and Truffle glaze is one of our most unique offerings! 

Truffle glaze weighs on the savory side of the flavor spectrum and will be delicious added to pasta dishes, risotto, gnocchi or drizzled over pizza/flatbread.  The glaze adds just enough of that subtle aroma that is unique to truffles.  It is unmistakable and sure to impress!