Marina Colonna Lemon (Granverde) EVOO 1 Liter square bottle

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The Marina Colonna Lemon (Granverde) Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is what began Marina's line of Infused EVOOs, and this 1 Liter Bottle is perfect for superfans! Marina started producing lemon-infused EVOO using only organic lemon peel from lemons grown in their groves, and a business was born. This EVOO is great on all seafood and white meat and excellent as a dip, on vegetables and on pasta.

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Marina remembered that her father, many years ago, would add lemons to the last batch of olives being crushed to produce an oil with the natural zest of lemons, to be used on fish dishes as well as on vegetables. Her father called it Granverde, thus the name. The estate started producing lemon infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil for commercial sale in 1990 using only organic lemon peel from lemons grown from their Gargano groves. By adding the lemon peel during the pressing of the olives, you get a true infused EVOO.

This EVOO infused with lemon is a true kitchen staple. It's suitable for fish, as a marinade for shellfish, or on raw and smoked fish. It makes a fantastic dressing for cured and dried meats, and it is excellent as a dip, on steamed vegetables and on pasta. This EVOO can be used in the preparation of dishes with white meat as well as in baking.