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Cocoa is one of our 24 flavors of Crema di Balsamico, a dark, rich and syrupy balsamic glaze that adds a gourmet touch to your appetizers and entrees. The squeeze bottle gives you perfect plating control. SALE items have best-by dates in 2020. They are perfectly fine to consume well beyond the next year...though if you're anything like us, they'll be gone well before that!

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In these elegant finishing sauces, 3-year aged Balsamic Vinegar is cooked down and thickened into a smooth liquid velvet.  The result is a rich and full-bodied glaze with the perfect consistency for added plate appeal.  The squeeze bottle is ideal for finishing.  Balance savory sweetness with soft tang and add depth and character to everyday dishes. Glazes area available in 24 flavors!  

Cocoa glaze is more sweet than it is savory but do not underestimate its versatility.  Cocoa is being used in many savory dishes such as Chile, Mole or Adobe for added depth.  Shhhhh…we love ours over ice cream too!