Marina Colonna Rose Petal (Rosaoliva) Infused EVOO

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Marina Colonna's Rosa Petal (Rosaoliva) Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a true, natural infusion: the essential oil from rose petals is added to the crushing of the olives. After one taste, we knew why Marina made this unique product. It is ideal for risotto and on steamed salmon or trout, and baked or drizzled in apple crumble, chocolate cakes, and chocolate ice cream. Plus, the essential oil from rose petals is perfect for a gentle body massage. All of our Marina Colonna EVOOs come beautifully packaged in a 250ml glass Anfora-shaped bottle.

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After Marina infused her EVOO with Citrus she decided to try infusing her EVOO with other things. Using the essential oil from rose petals was a new one for us. It only took one taste to know why she selected this combination. The essential oil from rose petals is known for its anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Pairing it with EVOO is a perfect combination.

This EVOO is ideal for a dressing on risotto with rose petals (WOW) and on steamed fish, such as salmon or trout fillets. Use it in baking apple crumble, chocolate cakes, or rose biscuits. It is also delicious on chocolate ice cream. Plus, try your hand at a Rosaoliva gentle body massage!

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