REALE Condimenti Balsamici “8 Year” (250ml)


This Balsamic Vinegar has been aged for 8 years in 8 different wood barrels, made from six different kinds of wood – oak, chestnut, cherry, juniper, mulberry and ash. Each year it is moved to a different, smaller barrel so that this wonderful Balsamic Dressing will acquire the characteristics of each wood. And every year the Balsamic Vinegar becomes thicker and sweeter, as the acidity decreases with age.

This sweet and sour condiment is made entirely of cooked grape must, with no wine vinegar added. The spectacular condiment is ideal on rice, cooked or grilled vegetables, French fries and boiled potatoes, salami and ham, boiled, roasted or grilled meat, ice cream and fruit salad.

Beautifully presented in a lovely glass bottle and gift box.

250ml (8.45oz)

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