REALE Balsamic Pearls – Pomegranate (390g jar)



Is there anything more indulgent and timeless than caviar?  Consider the elegance and effect of caviar, with the approachable flavor and versatility of Balsamic Vinegar!   They are made from a 3-year-aged Balsamic Vinegar, with Red Wine vinegar and gelling agents. These ‘pearls of plenty’ turn ordinary dishes into thoughtful culinary gems. The texture is delicate but will artfully ‘POP’ and awaken the senses.  They are sure to elevate any dish with flavor, class and design!  The Pearls combine a touch of molecular gastronomy, with the most tradition symbol of Modena – Balsamic Vinegar.  Let your senses take you where they will!  These morsels are sure to inspire infinite pairings and possibility!

The lighter Pomegranate pearls are beautiful garnishes.  The unique sweetness of the fruit, coupled with the tang of Balsamic, is an excellent addition to any fresh cheese presentation such as Goat or Burrata.  They will dress up salads of all variety and can also be used as a creative addition to craft cocktails and beverages!  


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