IMPERIALE Pate di Olive – Olive Paste – 4.4oz


This is not your everyday condiment! And while it may very well become your condiment of choice for every day, consider Pate’ di Olive the highest and purest form! The blend is 70% Olive, the only additions being EVOO and salt. The production process itself is a craft, hand selected olives are pitted, dried, and then soaked in water for several weeks to eliminate any bitterness. From there ingredients are blended into a kind of Olive ‘cream’. The end puree not only makes for a delicious spread on bread or crostini, but the flavor is robust enough to toss on its own with pasta or act as a base for endless other sauces. The entertainment possibilities have no bound, being perfectly suited for antipasta, canapes, dips and garnish. In addition, this unique ‘condiment’ is sure to find its way into your every day!

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