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Save Over $90 + FREE Shipping on this Specially Paired Gift Set for the Holidays! 

We’ve combined our finest EVOO and Balsamic into a gift set that will leave your loved one speechless!  Limited quantities available, so don’t let this one get away!

ULIVA PDO Garda Trentino Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml)

It is said that our sense of smell is directly linked to our memory.  While you may never have visited Agraria Riva del Garda on the northern shore of Lake Garda in North Italy where ULIVA DOP is produced… chances are the aroma of wet stone, fresh cut herbs, clean apple or toasted almond, stimulates your memory and nostalgia.  Expect an experience no less evocative when tasting this flagship Garda Trentino DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Superior Casaliva olives are harvested and pressed at peak early stages and from there every aspect of production is designed to protect the integrity of the finished oil.  The flavor is dense, with a complex harmony.  This balance makes it readily identifiable as a jewel!  It is rare enough to stand alone, but also shines when paired with fresh salad, meats and pastas.  Even the bottle itself is an appropriate expression of its contents, a sleek and modern take on this extraordinary old-world craft!

ULIVA was most recently awarded the GOLD medal at the New York International Olive Oil competition!  It also holds a number of International distinctions and is recommended by the most widely recognized gastronomic guides.  It has become the flagship Garda Trentino DOP Extra Virgin Olive oil.  For health purposes, Uliva is also one of the highest in health benefits of any EVOO in the world today!

Color: Emerald green with golden rim and good clarity

Aroma: Medium fruity with distinct grassy notes and an aromatic range that reveals fragrances of green apple, radish, chicory and artichoke layered with notes of almonds and pine nuts.

Flavor: Dense yet harmonious, with pleasantly bitter and decidedly spicy notes; it has a rich finish with hints of black pepper and an elegant mineral note.

Parings: Robust but delicate, this oil can be paired with classic dishes and also shines when paired with meats, salads, antipasto and pasta dishes.

REALE Condimento Balsamico Riserva 16 Year (250 ml)

REALE 16 year Riserva Balsamic Vinegar is the finest Balsamic Vinegar money can buy. Produced by the Leonardi family for 147 years, this product – once tasted – is unforgettable Using the same methods that have been employed for generations, the Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes are hand picked. Then they are cooked at a low temperature, for 36 hours, to produce grape must. The must is then transferred to a large wooden barrel that contains the balsamic starter – like sourdough bread. Six different woods are used – oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, juniper and ash; and each year the contents is moved to a smaller barrel, made from one of the woods. Each year the Balsamic Vinegar becomes sweeter and thicker. After 16 years, this product is then bottled, the top is sealed with a red wax and placed in a beautiful wooden box complete with its own glass tasting instrument. This is a gift that a person never forgets. This special edition is 250ml of pure pleasure. It is ideal in soups, on pasta, risotto, grilled, barbecued and cooked vegetables, smoked salmon, grilled or roasted meets, French fries, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, fruit or dark chocolate.

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