46 Parallel Blue Label Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)


This exceptional 46th Parallel Blue Label single-variety (Casaliva) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2018) is produced based on the modern concept of maximizing the integrity level of every production stage in order to enhance the oil’s health benefits and appeal. The olives are grown only in select orchards, where they are harvested only at peak early stages of maturity.  They are immediately cold extracted using a progressive, water-saving, three-phase system.  While olives typically do not grow anywhere above the 45th parallel, the warm winds that blow over Lake Garda create a micro-climate that produces some of the most superior olives in world!   This is known as the “lake effect” and adds nuance and character to the oil’s profile.  Flos Olei, the definitive guide to rating EVOO, gave 46 Parallel Blue EVOO a 98 out of a possible 99 score!

Color: Golden green with good clarity.

Aroma: Medium-intense fruit, green with distinct herbaceous notes that are reminiscent of arugula and artichokes. There is an hint of green almond as well as pine nut and green apple.

Flavor: Balanced, with a delicate bitterness that reveals a distinct spicy structure.  Plentiful flavor sensations and finishes with an appealing mineral note.

Pairings: It is an ideal condiment since it does not overwhelm the flavor of foods. It will enhance fish, vegetables, salads, greens, and is perfect for antipasto or dipping crusty toasted bread!

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