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ULIDEA Black Olive Dust


Olive Dust is an innovative new topping made from all-natural ingredients: Black Olives and Sea Salt.

Olive Dust is ideal for when a touch of creativity is needed to enhance the final dish. Its delicate yet distinctive flavor make it a terrific addition to salads, crostini, eggs, pasta, fish, Bloody Mary’s…. let your imagination have fun with all the ways this revolutionary “dust” can be used. The product marries a hand-made selection of olives – grown by Agraria Riva del Garda – with the signature cuisine of the Locanda Margon Ristorante and Chef Ghezzi, holder of 2 Michelin stars. Years of experimentation by Chef Ghezzi led to perfecting this incredible product.

Now it is ready for your table. As Chef Ghezzi says “EAT MY DUST!”