Uncommon Gourmet has expanded our offering in 2020. For several years I have been searching for EVOO that has been properly infused with natural products instead of low- quality olive oil that is flavored to cover up the impurities with chemicals.

Our search is over. In October while traveling in the south of Italy we visited the estate of Marina Colonna. The Colonna estate nestles in sight of the blue Adriatic Sea among the low hills of Molise in central Italy. The estate is 180 hectares and was inherited in 1996 from her father don Francesco. Marina states “Innovation is still a key part of my vocation here on the farm. Tradition is at the root, but research and improvement are the branches and leaves that bring us our fruit”.

I was impressed with the taste and quality of the EVOO from this estate. We were there in October at the onset of ripeness, which is the ideal point to begin harvesting. Only at this precise moment does the olive contain a high percentage of polyphenols, which provides the main characteristics of the oils: their longevity and antioxidant properties.

The infused EVOO have been produced since 1990 using fresh olives from the farm that are milled with the peel of organic lemons or organic berries or organic seeds or organic basil leaves. I can’t wait for you to taste this spectacular infused EVOOs. And, as a bonus, Marina is using an anfora bottle like one from the Roman times. Enjoy!!!

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After Marina infused her EVOO with Citrus she decided to try infusing her EVOO with other things. One of them is Cardamom seeds. This EVOO is delicately scented by adding the Cardamom seeds to the fresh olives as they are crushed. This infusion is perfect for savory and sweet dishes as well as a perfect dressing for curried rice, steamed vegetables, chicken, salads, fish, casseroles, and bean soups. This infused EVOO is perfect for baking biscuits and cakes.




This EVOO is infused with the essential oil of cinnamon is another infusion of the special EVOO from the estate with a substance that adds even more health benefits to the EVOO. Cinnamon infused EVOO stimulates blood circulation. Furthermore, it has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that fights fatigue and asthenia (lack of energy). It is ideally suited to flavor meat or vegetable stews, baked potato, eggplant and pasta dishes. It is perfect for making spicy marinades and should be used when cooking Asian dishes. It is spectacular when you use it making cookies and cakes.




Marina remembered her father infusing the EVOO with Lemons so when she inherited the estate, she started infusing her EVOO with different ingredients including Ginger root. The infusing process is the same where Ginger is added to the crushing of the olives so that you get a true infusion. This is an unusual combination; however, the union creates a remarkable spicy flavored EVOO. It is excellent for all Asian cookery, curries and rice dishes, as well as for squash and lentil soups. This is a great dressing for zucchini, pesto, tuna and salmon carpaccio, grilled shrimp, lemon chicken and potatoes. And you will love pouring this special Ginger infused EVOO from its Anfora bottle, which dates back to the Romans.




Marina remembered that her father, many years ago, would add lemons to the last batch of olives being crushed to produce an oil with the natural zest of lemons to be used on fish dishes as well as on vegetables. Her father called it Granverde, thus the name. The estate started producing lemon infused EVOO for commercial sale in 1990 using only organic lemon peel from lemons grown from their Gargano groves. By adding the lemon peel during the pressing of the olives, you get a true infused EVOO. This EVOO infused with lemons is suitable for fish, as a marinade for shellfish, raw and smoked fish as well as a dressing for cured and dried meats. It is also excellent as a dip, on steamed vegetables and on pasta. This EVOO can be used in the preparation of dishes with white meat and baked fish as well as in baking.




We selected Marina’s EVOO infused with Juniper Berries for two reasons. The taste, which is amazing and the health benefits. Known as a powerful detoxifier and immune system booster, juniper berry plants, originally from Bulgaria, have a long history of naturally helping prevent both short and long-term illnesses. It has been used for hundreds of years in natural remedies for sore throats and respiratory infections. She adds the natural essential oil obtained from Juniper Berries to the fresh EVOO as it is being produced creating a perfect fusion of the two products. It can be used on a variety of dishes. Our favorites are adding it to stews and with wild game like venison. It is wonderful on potato salad and on soups especially soups made with beans and/or lentils.




Uncommon Gourmet started carrying Balsamic Vinegar Glaze infused with Mustard two years ago and it has become one of our best sellers. So, when Marina brought out the EVOO infused with Mustard I thought this is probably going to be really good. GREAT would be a better way to describe this EVOO. As with the other infused EVOO from this estate, the mustard is added during crushing so that the EVOO and the Mustard can become as one. This Mustard infused EVOO is good in all types of cooking including frying. And it is also great on a simple salad. The combination of flavor is great with steaks, BBQ, all grilled meets including hamburger. Fish soup is great with this EVOO. It can be used as a dressing on pasta and rice dishes as well as in the preparation of vinaigrette, sauces and dips.




There are many olive oils on the market that have added chili peppers to mask the impurities of the oil. What Marina is producing is different. She adds the natural essential oil of chilis when crushing the olives to produce a truly infused spicy EVOO. This EVOO is medium spicy and is great on pasta with tomato sauce, pizzas, on rice dishes as well as noodle dishes. It enhances a salad, is great drizzled on soup, potatoes, and vegetables. This is the infused EVOO you will want to use to give your favorite dishes pizzazz!




When we lived in Italy, I infused our EVOO by adding Rosemary to the EVOO and letting it sit for a few weeks. That is no longer necessary because Marina takes the natural essential oil from rosemary and adds it during the crushing process that allows the rosemary to become part of the EVOO. Rosemary infused EVOO has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years to improve memory, help digestion, relieve muscle aches and pains. It is also known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Marrying these two products, REAL EVOO and Rosemary is one of the healthiest products available today. It is best used on focaccia, grilled chicken, lamb and Barbequed meats and fish. It enhances goat cheese, is ideal on chickpeas, potatoes and lentil soup. One of Marina’s favorite uses for the special product is on plum cake and biscuits.




Truffles are one of the special products of the world. Marina decided the estate should produce a truffle infused EVOO, so she selected White Truffles. The truffle oil is added to the milling process with the fresh olive so that a perfect infusion takes place. Not overpowering, this lovely infused EVOO is ideally suited to be used in risotto and wild mushroom dishes such as pasta with mushrooms, creamy mushroom soup, mushroom ragouts and polenta with mushrooms. It is wonderful drizzled on vegetables, on poached or fried eggs or on a piece of bread with a vegetable pate. Drizzle truffle infused EVOO over potatoes, red meat and chicken and don’t forget it is a wonderful addition to pizza.




The Basil infused EVOO is very special. The Basil is grown on the estate from seeds of the prestigious traditional variety from the Liguria region of Italy. This basil is world famous and known as the tastiest Basil in the world. The leaves are crushed with the estate’s olives, which yields an EVOO with a gentle, sweet herby flavor. This Basil infused EVOO is ideal for bruschetta, grilled zucchini and eggplant, or on a summer pasta with cherry tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella. It is great with pasta and pesto or with fava beans and pecorino cheese. And of course, drizzled on a fresh salad this beautiful infused EVOO highlights the ingredients. Marina also uses it when baking pies.


Pepero’ EVOO with Chile Peppers (250ml)


Pepero’ is not your everyday infused condiment! A medley of chiles grown on the organic farm “Trentino Peperoncino” are crushed with hand selected olives grown on Agraria Riva del Garda. The flavors therefore fully integrate in the process! The result is a bright and brilliant amber… the color is the perfect visual expression of this bright and lively oil. The heat from the Chile is full bodied and assertive but emerges in a way that it does not over-rule the distinct character of the Olives. This is a delicious addition to pizza or the perfect way to add a little bit of fire energy and dash to grilled meats, vegetables or sauces.